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One Switch specializes in providing rider-specific training, both online via the One Switch App and in the form of Personal Training or group training (on location at the customer or with us in Ingen). In addition to this form of regular guidance, we have now also set up an Equestrian Vitality Test to measure where you stand in your rider-specific skills. This test measures the skills you need for a good sit and therefore good communication with your horse, including core stability, symmetry in muscle groups, correct posture, (muscle) endurance

Riders and amazons put a lot of time, effort and money into the welfare of their horses. Often horses have a complete care team, including farrier, veterinarian, physiotherapist, osteopath and so on. In addition, there is an extensive package of daily care, including food, daily exercise and supplements. The best trainers are also hired to make rider and horse the optimal combination. A lot of work and performance are expected from the horses, as well as a certain physical fitness and appearance. If we list all this, it is actually

One Switch proudly announces further expansion of our cooperation with Lentiz College Maasland! From September 2020, the Equestrian sports students can choose the One Switch Equestrian Vitality Coach education as an optional subject! Lentiz College already thinks far ahead in the development of their students and see how important Equestrian Vitality is. For example, they already pay a lot of attention to the students in the field of fitness and health. Nice example! Read below the story of the teachers who are 100% committed to this! “At first, we as a school

The One Switch Equestrian Fitness / Education Center will be open from August 1. We are very proud and happy that we have been able to open our own location. This with great thanks to Van Blijderveen Fruit B.V. in Ingen! This beautiful family business has given us the opportunity to open our own place by means of renting out a beautiful space under their roof. You can contact us for Equestrian Personal Training, the Equestrian Fit Coach Education and Small Group Training to improve your rider-specific skills. Feel free to

With the One Switch Membercard you get a 10% discount on our webshop products and Personal Training, but you also get access to our One Switch App for a year, which includes 50 riderspecific training schedules for at home. In addition, we also work together with high-quality partners where you also receive a similar discount on display of the member card. An overview of our partners (so far): Derby riding boots (10% discount on a pair of riding boots)  Horseriding is a serious activity. This requires good, top-quality material and you also want