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One Switch helped me to regain my physical fitness and take my flexibility, posture awareness, endurance and coordination to an even higher level. The test results of the NOC-NSF also showed this.

Ruitervitaal met Marlies van Baalen
Marlies van Baalen - Olympic Rider/Dressage stable Van Baalen

I also use the online training program to stay in shape outside of the weekly training sessions together.

I then choose a workout that fits my energy level, because the workouts build up in level. I also like the mobility routine around a competition or when I'm a bit tired. Janneke does all the workouts so you can put your mind to zero and participate. In short, One Switch helps me to stay comfortable in my skin and to be able to be busy with my passion every day.

As far as I'm concerned, highly recommended for riders of every level!”

Ruitervitaal Trainingen met Imke Bartels
Imke Bartels - Olympic Rider/ Academy Bartels 

The purpose of the training is not to wear me out, but to make me stronger and fitter in an accessible way so that I can perform optimally on my horses.

I really like the collaboration with One Switch. Their online training programs to get started outside the training sessions are also ideal and easy to do in addition to my regular horse training.

I would therefore recommend everyone to get started with this. Regardless of what level you ride at, you can always gain in terms of your own fitness and therefore perform better during horseriding.

One Switch Ruitervitaal
Renate van Uytert -Top Amazone/Hengstenstation van Uytert

Together with my twin sister I own the company Van Bruggen Horses. I train both young and older horses and currently ride ZZ-Zwaar.

I've been training with Garry from One Switch and the online training programs for about 5 months now. Since my first workouts I notice a difference both physically and mentally.

Ruitervitaal Trainingen met Karina
Karina van Bruggen - Van Bruggen Sporthorses

 Since i started the Equestrian Vitality Coach Education i also started training with One Switch 1 on 1 and with their online programs!

Immediately after the first training I already felt confirmed thanks to their positive way of training.

Ruitervitaal met Agnes
Agnes van Rijswijk -Winrij Dressage

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We are One Switch!

Our mission is to improve posture and body awareness and control among riders worldwide! We want to reach this goal by educating riders and equestrian performances about our methods based on our own experiences.

We are a leading company inridervitality education and training. We are known for our work and collaborations with the Masterrider education from Helgstrand an Beerbaum, Malgre Tout Media, Dressage stable van Baalen, Bartels Academy, Hengstenstation van Uytert and many more! So lets work together on your succes!