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Equestrian Vitality Coach Education

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Ruitervitaal met Marlies van Baalen

Do you want to improve the equestrian sport?

Welcome to a Brand New Era of Education – Introducing the Equestrian Vitality Coach Program!

Are you fueled by passion for equestrian sports and eager to elevate your coaching skills? Look no further! The Equestrian Vitality Coach Education is tailor-made for enthusiasts like you who aspire to enhance both their knowledge and coaching prowess.

**Why Choose Equestrian Vitality Coach Education?**

At the core of this cutting-edge program lies a commitment to augmenting the physical and mental well-being of riders – a pivotal factor in achieving triumphs in equestrian sports. This distinctive education ensures you not only understand but master the art of optimizing health and performance.

**What Will You Learn?**

Embark on a journey of comprehensive learning where you'll acquire the skills to craft individualized training programs, finely tuned to the unique physical and mental needs of each rider. Dive into the intricacies of guiding riders in essential areas such as nutrition, sleep, and stress management,laying the foundation for their well-being and peak performance.

**Who Is It For?**

Whether you're a seasoned coach or taking your first strides in equestrian sports, this program welcomes you. The Equestrian Vitality Coach Education is designed to empower anyone with a passion for fostering fitness and health in riders.

**What Sets Us Apart?**

Our program stands out as the beacon of specialization in equestrian sports. As a graduate, you'll possess invaluable knowledge and skills, enriching your expertise and services. Be it as an individual coach or in collaboration with riding schools and associations, your impact on the vitality and health of riders will be profound.

**Your Future as an Equestrian Vitality Coach:**

Upon completion of this education, the door swings open for you to step into the role of an Equestrian Vitality Coach. Apply your newfound knowledge and skills in real-world scenarios – whether independently or in partnership with riding establishments – and witness the transformative impact on riders' vitality and health.

**Exclusive Offer: Act Now!**

Don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity! The Equestrian Vitality Coach Education is a global standout, and we are the sole providers. Register today to avail yourself of a €200 discount – a limited-time offer to kickstart your journey toward becoming an elite Equestrian Vitality Coach.

Unleash the power of equestrian vitality – Enroll today, and redefine your future in equestrian sports!

What do the former students say?

Im really proud to say i have 12-14 hours every week of business!

"Let me introduce myself! I am Martine, owner of a breeding farm and boarding stable together with my husband Ronald and 2 sons. I have inherited my love for equestrian sports from my father from an early age.

When asked how I fared after I completed the education at One Switch, I can only respond enthusiastically.

I started at some stables in the region and was able to give equestrian fitness lessons at Curio college in Breda. What is so much fun to do is motivating everyone and making them aware of the benefits of Equestrian Vitality.

Via via, more and more people (including non-riders) approached me for personal training or with a group. Also with different goals, that makes it so interesting to provide tailor-made training.

I now have my own sports studio at our house at the stable and that is really fantastic!

This was truly a dream and I never expected it to grow into what it is today.

At the moment I can proudly say that I have around 12 to 14 training sessions a week! So the education has really brought me something and I am very grateful for that.”

Referentie Ruitervitaal Coach Martine
Martine Goeman - Van der Helm Stables

A few months ago I started training as a Ruitervitaal Coach and I really like it! 

"My name is Agnes, since a small year established in beautiful Eesveen (Overijssel) with my company 'Winrij Dressage'.

A few months ago I started the education and I really like it! The education is fully focused on equestrian sports and yet very broad.

You learn everything from the muscles of the human body to giving sound nutritional advice.

In addition, the assignments they give during the lessons are very easy to apply in practice, so that you can immediately start working with the theory you have learned!

Ruitervitaal met Agnes
Agnes van Rijswijk - Winrij Dressage

I wanted nothing more than to help and support other riders on their way to optimal rider vitality.

“When I came across an advertisement from One switch, I couldn't resist and immediately registered for the education to become an equestrian vitality coach.

During the education I learned and laughed a lot. I wanted nothing more than to help and support other riders on their way to optimal rider vitality.

Because of the One Switch education I was well prepared to continue independently and this created my company Vitaal te Paard.

In the meantime I have been active with my company for a few years now and I now train with various riders of different disciplines and levels.

Ruitervitaal met Michelle
Michelle van der Geest -Vitaal te Paard

Learn from the best coaches!

If you care about health and fitness for riders then this for you! Janneke den Otter (Trainer for Olympic Riders) is your teacher...

Referentie Ruitervitaal Coach Martine

"At the moment I can proudly say that I have around 12 to 14 training sessions a week! So the education has really brought me something and I am very grateful for that.”

Martine Goeman

Show your clients what improved rider specific skills can do for their riding!

Create a new business for yourself...

All our experiences in one educational program:

One Switch Ruitervitaal


One Switch Ruitervitaal

Exercise Physiology

One Switch Ruitervitaal


One Switch Ruitervitaal

Rider analytics

One Switch Ruitervitaal

Workout schedules

One Switch Ruitervitaal


One Switch Ruitervitaal

Riderspecific Skills

One Switch Ruitervitaal


One Switch Ruitervitaal

Coaching Techniques

€ 997,-
€ 797,-

Equestrian Vitality Coach Education

  • Reduce injuries in equestrian sports through preventive action for both humans and horses
  • Get your Diploma as Equestrian Vitality Coach
  • Help riders become even better and expand your business or field of work
  • Fully online education. Examination included.
  • Transform riders to become even better versions of themselves
  • Create better balance, posture and perfomance!

Start today and become one of the first Equestrian Vitality Coaches in your region/country!

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Become a better rider with the Equestrian Vitality Course!