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Our experience has shown that riders often have difficulty in maintaining a structured diet that provides enough energy to be able to maintain all daily activities with sufficient focus and energy. That is why we have developed our own supplement line that meets the needs of the rider, on horseback and next to the horse

For the rider who rides frequently and intensively, we have developed a Recovery Shake to achieve the required protein intake (1.8 grams / kg body weight). In combination with magnesium, this shake ensures faster muscle recovery and better nerve stimulus transfer. The Recovery Shake can also contribute to a faster recovery in case of injuries.


We have developed the Smart Shake for the rider with a lack of time or the rider who has difficulty taking in all the necessary nutrients. This shake contains all the essential vitamins and minerals, fibers and proteins and therefore contributes to achieving the recommended daily amount of nutrients. This is essential for the rider to maintain sufficient focus and energy and to build up a good resilience. The Smart Shake can also support weight loss, for example as replacement for  lunch or breakfast. The Smart Shake can also be a nice aid for people who have difficulty with taking breakfast.