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Introduction course

One Switch sees a growing interest and awareness in equestrian vitality among riders and equestrian entrepreneurs. ¬†That’s why we’ve put together a short introduction course that covers the basics of rider-specific skills and how to train them, nutrition and common problems. We will also teach you how to test and analyze rider-specific skills and how to set up a basic training schedule to work on areas of improvement. With this masterclass you will therefore receive useful tools with which you can make yourself and other riders physically stronger and more aware to cooperate better with the horse.
Instructional videos are supplied with the course and you also get access to the One Switch App for 3 months to work on your own or others’ rider-specific skills. In short, we deliver you a nice complete package to become familiar with the concept of equestrian vitality and to really take steps forward. Apply now! The masterclass will be available from March 20th.
Brief overview of the content:
– Equestrian specific skills
– Ridervitality Test
– Posture analysis
– Basic anatomy
– Basic tips for nutrition
– Common complaints among riders
– Principles of training building
– Certification
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