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If you are a horserider and you need personal guidance, tailored to your abilities and objectives, with a professional trainer closely monitoring you, Personal Training is the best choice for you. This form of training is fully adapted to your level and goals, so that you can get the most out of your efforts and make rapid progress within your discipline. Even when you are struggling with injuries, we can (in addition to a doctor or physiotherapist) watch you and help you strengthen your rider-specific skills. That’s the beauty of customization!


In addition, your diet is also monitored to ensure that you get all the necessary nutrients to perform full of energy. Nutrition is often underestimated in equestrian sports, but can play a crucial role in performance on horseback, for example in terms of focus and responsiveness. Furthermore, attention is also paid to work-to-rest ratio and you will receive a personal training schedule to work independently. This is complementary to the guided training courses, so that you can also continue to work on your points for improvement independently. All these points together ensure that you can work your passion with a vital feeling and also to be able to keep up with your other daily activities.


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