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One Switch proudly announces further expansion of our cooperation with Lentiz College Maasland! From September 2020, the Equestrian sports students can choose the One Switch Equestrian Vitality Coach education as an optional subject!

Lentiz College already thinks far ahead in the development of their students and see how important Equestrian Vitality is. For example, they already pay a lot of attention to the students in the field of fitness and health. Nice example! Read below the story of the teachers who are 100% committed to this!

“At first, we as a school came into contact with One Switch to provide riderspecific workouts for our students.

The infectious enthusiasm of Janneke and Garry and the quality of the training courses have ensured that the collaboration continues to grow.

Two teachers are currently following the education at One Switch, Stephanie Grootenboer and Margo Haans.

Both have now passed the first two modules. We are very enthusiastic about the education.

The atmosphere of the education is good and the quality is high. In a short time we see that we are better able to guide the students in sports and be able to make good training plans ourselves.

Very nice to see that this training is really aimed at riders and not sports in general.

This gives us appropriate exercises that are really suitable for riders.

The fact that the students now have the opportunity to participate in this education is really great!

It is a very nice addition to their CV. As soon as they have completed the education at One Switch, they can start as a trainer.

They can provide training at riding schools, breeding stables or sports stables, or accompany riders individually during sport. This offers a greater perspective on the labor market.”

On to a pleasant and successful future!