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One Switch Member Card

One Switch Member Card

With the One Switch Membercard you get a 10% discount on our webshop products and Personal Training, but you also get access to our One Switch App for a year, which includes 50 riderspecific training schedules for at home. In addition, we also work together with high-quality partners where you also receive a similar discount on display of the member card.

An overview of our partners (so far):

Derby riding boots (10% discount on a pair of riding boots) 

Horseriding is a serious activity. This requires good, top-quality material and you also want to look good. After all, the eye also wants something. At Derby Riding Boots we make custom riding boots for each leg according to your own wishes. All riding boots are made of carefully selected calf and cow leather and processed to a perfect fit.

 Everyone has their own ideas about what the boot should look like. “Yes, that is expensive”, I hear you think! No, Derby always delivers the best quality at a price that can be compared to a standard riding boot. Say for yourself, who wouldn’t want to shine with a self-designed riding boot.

Derby is a real family business from Schaijk where three generations are currently active. In our own shoe workshop with fitting room, we only work with well-trained employees. For more than 51 years, various types of riding boots have been made in a traditional way, with a lot of passion for the profession. All boots are exclusively tailormade, making the realization of your dream boot possible in all types and colors. It is therefore not surprising that Derby boots are highly sought out by the serious and fashion-conscious Amazon.

The showroom is above the factory so you know that you are buying a handmade Dutch product. What you will immediately notice is the enormous amount of different versions of boots that are in the showroom. The boots are purely an illustration of what is possible. Color? It doesn’t matter we got it. Do you want a print or swarovski stones? Everything is possible. Even personalizing the boot with name or photo is possible. But before we get into this, lower legs, calves and feet are measured in different places.

Would you like a pair of handmade riding boots, then make an appointment at Derby Riding Boots in Schaijk. The coffee is ready and you will definitely steal the show during your next ride.


Welfare Horse & Care (10% discount on all products)

Welfare Horse & Care has a nice extensive collection of articles that can help you and your horse in every facet and provide you with the best. From bedding to clothing from Equiline and PS of Sweden! Take a look at the website or on our social media. We look forward to seeing you in our store!


RNH Photography (10% discount on a photography package) 

Welcome to RNH Photography!

My name is Rosalin Nieuwendijk, 21 years old and living in Arnhem. I have been active in the Horse Industry for some time now. After high school I completed the equestrian business education. In the meantime I have been active in several stables.

Photography has always been a hobby of mine and that is why I decided to focus on professional photography in the summer of 2018. Do you want a great shoot with your horse / horses? Then take a look at my website! http://www.rnhfotografie.nl/?page_id=38

DS Saddle Service (10% discount on a consultation) 


Fit, relaxation and balance are the keywords when it comes to a suitable saddle. Not only for the horse, but just as important for the rider. A saddle on a horse, without rider weight, will hardly cause any problems. It is the weight of the rider on the saddle that puts pressure on the horse’s back. In addition, no one is symmetrical. Not us as humans, but neither is the horse. This also has an effect on the horse, the saddle and the rider (think of back complaints after riding). It is important that the saddle fits the horse, but that the saddle fits the rider is therefore just as important! When the fit is good, the rider can sit relaxed, the horse can relax and get into balance. The basis for any combination at any level. That is why at a saddle consultation I always start with screening the rider and then the horse is examined.


A saddle adjustment consists of the following steps:

Screening of the rider; This includes looking at asymmetries in the body, the position of the pelvis, the length of the legs and the position of the ischial tubercles.

Screening of the horse; This includes looking at the muscle, build, asymmetry in the body and where the dimensions for the saddle are measured.

Horse and rider; a saddle cannot be fitted without seeing the horse and rider in motion.

Saddle advice; which may consist of adjusting the current saddle or measuring a new or second-hand saddle.

Duration of a saddle consultation: approximately 1.5 to 2 hours.

Make your appointment here! https://www.dsleatherwork.nl/index.php/zadelconsult

We are working hard to further expand our network of partners, so stay tuned! With these nice discounts you will earn back the purchase of our Membercard in no time and we encourage you to get and keep moving, so what are you waiting for!