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One Switch specializes in providing rider-specific training, both online via the One Switch App and in the form of Personal Training or group training (on location at the customer or with us in Ingen). In addition to this form of regular guidance, we have now also set up an Equestrian Vitality Test to measure where you stand in your rider-specific skills. This test measures the skills you need for a good sit and therefore good communication with your horse, including core stability, symmetry in muscle groups, correct posture, (muscle) endurance and balance. We also measure your body composition and BMI, because a horse can perform best when the rider has optimal values.


  • Introduction
  • Enter data in the One Switch App
  • Measure and weigh moment
  • Test administration
  • Analyze and evaluate data
  • Draw up a personal training schedule based on the evaluation and analysis
  • All this for only 79 euros!

Based on the test data, we can advise you which exercises are suitable for you. We can also help you with a healthy diet to achieve and/or maintain a good body composition. We usually recommend that you actively get started with your rider vitality, because there are always skills that can be improved. This can be in the form of Personal Training with us or via the One Switch App. We use the test data as a guideline for the guidance we offer you and of course we also take an intake to get a complete picture of your situation and possibilities. Based on your results, you will receive a personal training schedule in the One Switch App and access to the app for a month. If you decide to actively get started with your rider vitality, we recommend that you schedule a follow-up test to see if the skills you scored less well on have improved. This can be a reward for your hard work, but it also keeps you focused to always keep looking for improvement.

You will receive a digital report from us with the test data so that you can always fall back on this if you notice that you are lacking in certain skills while riding your horse. You can also discuss the report with the person who takes care of your riding lessons or who watches you while riding. This person can then coach you on the points of improvement, so that you get the most out of your training on horseback.

If you are interested in an Equestrian Vitality Test, please feel free to contact us via the contact form. The test takes place at our location in Ingen. There we have all the equipment to optimally administer the Equestrian Vitality Test. Costs of the Equestrian Vitality Test are 79 euros. With the test you get access to the One Switch App for one month, including a personal training schedule. If you decide to plan a follow-up test immediately, you will receive a 20% discount on this test. Do you have any questions or comments? Do not hesitate to contact us for this as well. This can also be done by telephone.

One Switch helps you get the best out of yourself and your horse!

With sporty greetings,

Garry Abbas and Janneke den Otter