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One Switch has developed its own Equestrian Vitality Coach education. This education is endorsed by the KNHS and you as an instructor earn 35 license points after finishing and succeeding all three modules!

The Equestrian Vitality Coach education is suitable for enthusiasts who have an association with equestrian sports and, like us, want to specialize in guiding riders and amazons in the field of training, nutrition and work-rest ratio, or rider vitality.

We have translated our experiences as Equestrian Vitality Coaches and our Personal Trainer and Weight Consultant educations into a broad curriculum that ultimately provides you with a complete set of skills to coach riders in a professional, tailored and well-founded way.

The education consists of three modules that go deeper into the material and gradually teach you how to deal with specific situations. Think of certain target groups such as riders from different disciplines, but also riders with complaints or limitations. When you have completed all three modules, you can, just like us, make a tailor-made plan for each individual rider, provide professional training and give appropriate advice in the field of nutrition and work-rest ratio. If you pass all three modules for both the theoretical and practical exam, you will receive the accreditation “Equestrian Vitality Coach” and you are authorized to train all “types” of riders using the training methods we’ve developed.

Duration per module: 6 weekly consecutive training days, 8th week exams

Location: Dressage stable Van Baalen (Gelderland) or One Switch location Ingen (Gelderland)

Study load: approximately 10 hours of home study per week

No prior education required

Prices include study material, theory and practical exam and one re-exam

Diploma and accreditation Equestrian Vitality Coach after passing all modules

Can also be followed online (ask for the possibilities)

Payment in 6 monthly payments is possible at an additional cost of 129,- (all three modules )

Register directly or ask questions

Basic human anatomy • Basic exercise physiology • Basic training theory • The muscular system • Training structure • Group training • Basic equestrian-specific training • Basic nutritional science

Advanced exercise physiology • Advanced training theory • Putting together an individual training plan • Basic differentiations • Injuries • Biomechanics • In-depth Practice and coaching • In-depth nutritional science

Individual periodization • Setting up your own company • Marketing • Guiding parasporters • Putting together a nutrition plan • Eating problems • Practice expert • Coaching advanced • Common complaints among riders


  • 12th of February 2021: afternoon group (2:00 – 5:30 PM) One Switch location Ingen
  • 10th of April 2021: afternoon group (14:00 PM – 17:00 PM) One Switch location Ingen 

Register now and become one of the first professional Equestrian Vitality Coaches in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany or any other country!

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  • Module I
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  • Module II
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  • Module III
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  • Module I + II
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  • Module I + II + III


Each module takes 6 training days. These will take place on Saturdays at our own Equestrian fitness centre in Ingen. The first module will start again on February 12. Have you become excited and would you like to know more? Feel free to send an email to info@oneswitch.nl or contact us by phone!